More than 800 children have studied and enjoyed their first years in a school setting at La Casita Bilingue. We have countless of positive stories to share with you. Here are some of the testimonies some grateful former students and parents have shared with us:


When I recall what it was like to be a student at La Casita Bilingue Montessori, I don't explicitly remember what I learned but I clearly remember what I did.  Everyday was a new exploration.  I would set up my workspace with a little rug and choose from a wide array of educational, physical materials.  Maybe I would play with geographic puzzles, maybe I would use beads to do multiplication (even though as a 4 year old I would never call it that), or maybe I would play with my favorite geometric solids.  I was constantly exercising one of La Casita's core philosophies: I was learning by doing.  I feel lucky to have been a student at La Casita during its early years and strongly feel that my experiences there shaped my affinity for math and science.  Thank you, Zama!


Maria Chang

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